January 8th 2008

I haven’t blogged for a while again but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped thinking. Clearly. Had a tutorial with Andy. We agreed that the way to go for the time being was to investigate several of the possible avenues open to me. And there are quite a few.

The more I look at the academic end of this project the more I think I need to have a big element that deals with it in what you might call a more romantic way. I say romantic for want of a better word. The most inspiring things I’ve seen for this have been fairy tales (slightly bizarrely, perhaps) and Anselm Kiefer’s book project, where he has big pages with layered up paint that could be showing everything and nothing. It’s like all meaning has been condensed into this space and turned into mulch. i like that. With this in mind I have been doing similar things of late.

I’m working on a super large web page that will feature many many words over each other. I think some of them might be links to other bits of the page and have css rollover elements which change colour and size. I’m not looking at this as a final project thing, more as a line of investigation. Something that might lead to something else. On a similar line I’m also making my page of phone photos that I’ve been doing for stuffing ages. I’ve taken about a a couple of thousand photos on my phone over the past couple of years and I have an itching to know what they’ look like on one page. I’m doing the condensing for the images at the moment. It could be a bit of a bandwidth buster so I’m pondering the best way of doing it in practice. Maybe a pdf? Is it possible to turn html pages into pdfs? I’m also looking at ways of doing this with semi transparent gifs overlapping each other.

I think a next stage might be to buy lots of sugary cakes in a local cafe and sit down surfing my sugar rush writing a la David Lynch and see what happens on the odd writing front. Whenever I think of ‘all’ I mainly think of absolutely everything just fused together into this confusing mass. This is likely to dictate a lot of my approach. This fits in with with my feelings about the acceleration of digital culture as a whole. The whole technological acceleration thing is all a bit much to take in. Too much information, and most of it rubbish. The space is there it must be filled. Which doesn’t stop me from loving the possibilities. Not an original response exactly. A common one, in fact. But something to probe, I feel.

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