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I wanted to develop the pixelised motorway pictures I did a few months ago. I zoomed in on three pictures by 3200% and screen grabbed small sections of them. The end result is that they look like compositions of squares. Well, that’s what they are, effectively. I think they’re quite beautiful. Some of them are anyway. I zoomed out steadily and took grabs of bits of each picture on each zoom. Over the course of a minute or two the subject of the picture becomes clear.

Here are the links to the individual pages:

sea and birds

I wanted to look at the way a picture is built up of constituent elements. The photograph of the audience is made of hundreds of people clapping, and each clapping person is made of hundreds, possibly thousands of pixels. This is similar to the way we’re all made of atoms. Everything is made of atoms. For some reason that feels like an odd way of looking at the edges of things, and the way everything in the universe comes together. Perhaps it shouldn’t feel odd.

detail from audience photo zoomed in to 3200%

detail from audience photo zoomed in to 800%

detail from audience photo zoomed in to 400%

detail from audience photo at 100%

I’m actually more interested in the squares for their own sake. The idea hasn’t really stuck for me. I tend to find these things are a bit like listening to music. Something like John Coltrane can be challenging but there’s something about his music that inspires to listen to it again. This hasn’t been the case when I’ve listened to John Cage. Both sounded pretty unintelligible on the first listen but I’ve gone on to buy four five albums by Coltrane. Cage however, is still a set of nice quotes on a gallery wall. Working through an idea is similar. The ideas I run with are the ones that have that undefinable bit in them that makes me go back to them. For the time being this isn’t one of them. Aesthetically speaking, though, the hyper zoomed in pictures are lovely, and may be useful in their own right. They have a generality about them, which can’t be pinned down but is nonetheless evocative. Useful when you’re trying to illustrate a word with exactly those qualities.

I do think I want to get the sequences of images moving more quickly though; for the sake of pushing this stage of the idea to its logical conclusion.

ps – Ha! I just looked at the finished post for this and decided I prefer the pictures in a column than in a sequence in Flash. They just do more for each other somehow. Sheesh.

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