Particle tracks

I drew some particle tracks of bubbles in a container. I did it because wanted a miniscule contrast to the universe/solar system on the other wall. I had a vague plan to look at the way these small things are connected to create a bigger whole. This didn’t really happen though. I did all sorts of other things but no idea really leapt out at me for how to take that idea forward. In the end, I put a box with arrows pointing outwards all around it to emphasise the fact that it’s one part of something larger. I don’t think this worked though. In a way, I’d also been looking at this in the pixel zoom pictures. I think they were a bit more successful. They had a much more graspable context. They had a point of comparison. Maybe this was what was missing from the particle tracks drawing. Maybe I needed a drawing of the same thing at a different scale.

particle tracks drawn on the back wall of the house gallery

I do think it looked kind of cool, though. I think I just like those big sticks of graphite. They’re nice to draw with.

ps – The bit in the bottom right corner is another thing I was doing where I tried to think of as many of the different ways that we use the word all as possible. It’s a similar experiment to the thing I tried to do with butter a few months ago. One thing can go through many different stages of being and we will use the word to describe it in all of those stages. This is part of what makes the word all so complicated. It’s innocuous. On my questionnaire, people said they used it anywhere between two and two hundred times a day. No-one said they didn’t use it every day. It’s meaning is very loose, though. Thus, we have ‘all of the butter’ when the butter is unopened, ‘all of the butter’ when the butter is half used, ‘all of the butter’ when there’s barely any left, and we have all of the butter when it’s been put into smaller pots. The chalk drawings on black paper are an attempt to see all of those in one space. I should probably have a go at doing more of them in a more presented fashion. The reason they’re hanging there is that I’d run out of space on the adjacent wall, where they would have gone more naturally.

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