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Goo Portraits so far…

Monday, October 10th, 2011

I’ve done a few sets of these goo portraits now. I don’t have time to write everything I want to write about them now but I want to get something up. So, here goes…

Dan still covered in bloodFace shot covered in fake bloodDan covered in blood eyes openCovered in mud with closed eyesmud covered portrait

These are the blood ones. Phil took them. My main reaction to these is that while they were what I was looking for, I want to see some in a more everyday context. I want to see people covered in blood and mud doing the washing up. The idea of having them against a black or white background was that it would look like more purely internal experience that was being documented. I think this does come across to some extent but I think there’s something more subtle in what I’m really after that I can only get to by taking these pictures in more everyday situations.

A couple of these specially lit ones against the black background are quite iconic though. I like that. That’s also getting to the heart of what I wanted in the first place, I think. These ones have a simplicity, directness and focus that works well. I’ve yet to post the ones I’ve done in public settings but they don’t have the same directness. There’s too much other information there. Hmmm… food for thought here.

I’ll post the other two sessions very soon. They have their own aspects that I like. But I’ll get to them. Soon.


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