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February 19th 2008

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

The other people’s pictures issue

I have spent quite a lot if time of late looking at artists who interest me for different reasons. Most of the work that follows has a large ‘Gee Whizz that’s big’ factor. I’m struggling to find much work that deals with the wordier end of what I’m dealing with, or that inspires me to think on it. I’ll be commenting on this soon as I think it might need a bit of its own breathing space.

Anselm Kiefer

I want the part of this project that’s about the very genesis of language to have a sense of primal origins about it. I think in many of Anselm Kiefer’s paintings there’s an incredibly strong sense of ‘usness’ – this is our history. I love the fact that his work so often feels like part of the fabric of the dawn of a time long before ours. The scale of his pictures lends itself to feeling immersed in the pictures as well. The pictures from his series about the Jewish exodus from Israel show this well. Of course, in these paintings the narrative/mythological background add to the immersive effect; and then there’s the obvious thing of his being a German artist working through a few issues, on a national scale. Just imagine them 20 foot wide and you’re some of the way there.

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February 15th 2008

Friday, February 15th, 2008

the horses for courses issue

I went to the Breaking the Rules exhibition at the British Library recently. I wasn’t that impressed by it, weirdly. I think it was largely to do with the curation, which didn’t grab me at all. The flow of the show didn’t draw me in to the avant garde project and seemed to be lacking in focus. But my ambivalence was perhaps also due in no small part to the fact that I’d seen a lot of what was there in books and on websites. Or at least I’d seen similar.

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February 4th 2008

Monday, February 4th, 2008

the thinking aloud issue

Just had a quick fiddle with flash experimenting with a mini idea I had earlier. i've shape tweened all from times new roman to arial and back again. it works reasonably smoothly. some of the other fonts I tried (a rough looking calligraphy font called gutenberg textura and current flavour of the happy home catalogue, century gothic) I couldn't get to tween so well.
anyway, here it is.

all animated between times new roman and arial

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