End of year show and questionnaire

Okay, I really need to talk a bit about my reaction to the end of year show. Not so much what I thought of the work, but more a reaction to the show as a whole. I don’t like private views. I never find they’re the best time to look at work. I also feel uncomfortable at university shows because there’s so much work there. It’s difficult to look at any of it because there’s just so much to take in.

It reminded me of one of the key things that I really like about digital art. It can easily be web based. I find this very attractive. People can look at it in their own time. The kind of things I’m dealing with need time. I need to find a way of walking people through a thought process.
Galleries don’t have the space to do that. This comes with issues though. The way I’d been thinking was fairly definitely gallery based, with the idea of having everything layered in various media. So, that’s another ball that’s up in the air. Good.

I’ve also been writing a questionnaire that will form an important part of my research. I’ve been enjoying writing it. In fact I’ve enjoyed it so much that it almost feels like a pretty good answer to the issue mentioned above. A questionnaire phrased well will inevitably involve a sense of ownership from the viewer, and demand a good degree of participation, which I need. Accompanying the online version of the questionnaire I could have various illustrations offering juxtapositions and contrasts. Andy asked me at the beginning of the module for a defining image. I think, though it’s not an image, this could be it. A questionnaire would be a good peg on which to hang the piece and would offer structure. As soon as I have a set of questions I immediately have some pretty distinct goals: complementing the questions, which would put me in a strong position to get myself together.

Main thing with that is to get the questionnaire done then. I’ll have it up soon, honest.

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