Questionnaire, Draft 1

I’ve been working on a questionnaire. If anyone has anything to say about it, I’d be most grateful for their thoughts.

  1. When you hear the word all, do any vague impressions immediately flood your mind? ie – all of the known universe. Or all of the hairs on someone’s head.
  2. At a rough estimate, how often do you think you say the word all on any given day?
  3. When using the word all, how often do you use it in a completely logical manner?
    How often do you use it as a rough figure of speech? ie – ‘I eat jam sandwiches all the time’. Surely ‘quite frequently’ would be more accurate.
  4. What is the opposite of all?
  5. Does all imply either wholeness, completeness, both or neither of these things?
  6. Where is all’s centre?
  7. If you had to leave it all behind, what would you take with you?
  8. Can you name three pop songs with all in the lyric or title? What is being expressed by them?
  9. The universe is mind-spanglingly big. However, there is, I’m told, evidence suggesting that the universe is not infinite and in fact is flat (At least that’s one theory that’s done the rounds). Now clearly I don’t expect anyone to have too much to say about crazy physics but I do have a question: When you consider what might (or might not!) be beyond the finite universe, how do you feel?
  10. Do you think whatever is or isn’t beyond the universe is part of all?
    in other words, do you think this unknown is nothing, or nothingness, and if so, is that nothing part of all?

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