house gallery exhibition part 1

I’ve just finished using the house gallery as a studio space for a couple of weeks.
It’s been fun. It’s also meant I’ve been able to work a few things through a little bit.
I think I’m a bit further along the line now than I was when I started the show. I’m going to talk about it bit by bit. It’s going to take a few posts which will appear here over the course of the next week or so.

For starters, I had the following text stuck up to explain myself a bit. I figure it’s worth putting here as well:

I’m Dan Fone. I’m currently halfway through an MA in Digital Art.

The title of my MA project is ‘A History of the Word All’.

Predictably, I’ve got a lot of thoughts about this. Many of these thoughts are vague, some of them are quite interesting. On the whole, though, the project feels like a bit of a mess. This is hardly surprising. I picked a ludicrous project. It takes in etymology, semiotics, mythology,
physics and pretty much anything else you care to mention. I’d probably be better off looking at a small, focused part of it.

That would be the sensible thing to do.

I like mess though. The more I think about it, the less I feel I can isolate any part of it. I think language is like that. I think lots of things are like that. When we look at one thing,
we gradually become aware of many other things as well. So my project is embracing mess.

I also like processes. Do you ever get the feeling when you look at art that you want to get involved? That you want to be part of making the work, or that you want to talk to the
artist about it, at least respond to it in an visible way. I feel like that quite a lot. When work is shown as complete I sometimes feel more like it’s dead. It was a lot more fun
when it still had potential to evolve.

What you see here, then, is one stage in the process of my attempt to drag something thought provoking out of the many strands with which I’ve managed to surround myself.

Here’s a picture of the gallery when I first got there. The whole thing was kind of about process so it seems like a good idea to show the gallery at the start of it all.
The House gallery when empty

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