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Development of the questionnaire flash visual accompaniments

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

NB – I wrote this on 19/11/08 and then made lots of these ideas in flash. I’ve now reflected on them a bit so I’ll put my reflections below each idea I’ve done in italics. You’ll be getting action and reflection in one sweet sweet pill. Also, I’ve figured out a few bits of the php in that time and managed to get a version of the questionnaire online. I should add that the from isn’t yet linked anywhere. Click here to see it, though it’s likely to change every other day now. Today, it still needs design work doing on it. Maybe I should stick the flash files up here separately. Not sure about the best way of doing that. Okay, I’ll make an archive page somewhere. Soon.

I’ve just had a scribbling session thinking about how I’m going to make visual accompaniment for each question. Below is a pretty good typed version of that.

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Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

I haven’t really blogged about my PGPD in any direct way yet. It feels kind of rude not sticking up a link about it though. So here you go. Regardless of any dissatisfaction I may feel with it, it did help me think through a lot of things, and I’m finding I’m taking a few things more seriously as a result of it. I’ve already said that haven’t I? I’ve also already said that it’s left me with more questions than answers. But such is the way of these things.

I think one of the key reasons I’ve been getting interested in participatory art leading up to writing my PGPD is remembering an exhibition we had at the house gallery years ago, back when it was still just a gallery and not a gallery and cafe. The exhibition was called the Library of Unpublished Books by a woman called Caroline Jupp. I thought it was rather wonderful, not least because my friend Ben and I contributed a book to the project, which in itself was brilliant fun. My memories of the show are that it had a lovely feeling about it. It was very open. And I felt truly privileged to have been asked to take part, even though Caroline obviously just wanted to get as many books as she could. It was quite liberating creatively to do something for sake of it. We ended up binding the finished book together with old socks.

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Questionnaire review

Monday, November 10th, 2008

For my unit 2 prototype I’m planning on making a very basic version of the online questionnaire I’m planning. I’ve been learning PHP so that I can put the whole thing into a MySQL database and it will be searchable. We’re doing a show at the house gallery in December. I’m planning on showing this basic prototype then. Clearly I want to present something a lot more developed for the final show. But I’ll get to that.

I’ve just had a quick review of the questionnaire in the show in August. I’ve broken the questions down in to three categories. These are as follows:

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I am learning PHP and my head feels even more like an unhappy badger than usual.

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

I have been attempting to learn PHP. I could probably substitute the word ‘attempting’ with ‘failing’ and not compromise the truth of that sentence. Here is a paste from an email I sent to a friend who knows PHP well. For me, it sums up some of the frustration of trying to learn something new in programming.

the problem i invariably have with using other poeple’s html or script or whatever is that i don’t really understand it.
i just tried to have a look at html quickform 2 downloaded from pear. i can’t get it to work and now i’m a bit pissed off.
but that’s mainly because i don’t know php. if i knew php i’d be able to diagnose the problem. but the only way to really get a grasp of these things is to use them.
so in that regard i’m better off saying forget html quickform. i’ll use it in a few months when i actually know what’s in it.
by which point it may well be effectively meaningless anyway. in fact it probably will.

i’m also a bit annoyed because there’s no clear demo or read me in there. i’ve no idea what it’s even supposed to look like.

Ach well. I’m sure I’ll get there in the end.