Development of the questionnaire flash visual accompaniments

NB – I wrote this on 19/11/08 and then made lots of these ideas in flash. I’ve now reflected on them a bit so I’ll put my reflections below each idea I’ve done in italics. You’ll be getting action and reflection in one sweet sweet pill. Also, I’ve figured out a few bits of the php in that time and managed to get a version of the questionnaire online. I should add that the from isn’t yet linked anywhere. Click here to see it, though it’s likely to change every other day now. Today, it still needs design work doing on it. Maybe I should stick the flash files up here separately. Not sure about the best way of doing that. Okay, I’ll make an archive page somewhere. Soon.

I’ve just had a scribbling session thinking about how I’m going to make visual accompaniment for each question. Below is a pretty good typed version of that.

General usage

1- How often per day?
Word all made of flashing numbers
Counting board like a digital clock. Or maybe old fashioned cricket/tennis scoreboard.
I’m unconvinced by this in practice. It just seems too obvious. Also, the movement agitates me and stops me from thinking. I don’t want to distract people from the questionnaire. I must complement the questionnaire. Also tried a panel full of lots of instances of the word all in grey, with one at a time going from grey to black. every half second or so. this was quite irritating though.

2 – Logical / Figure of Speech?
Two halves of the word. One clean and one messy. A moving layer mask to float over the top looking like it’s making a tug of war between the two.
This one doesn’t really work either. Too obvious and isn’t asking me to think about the question in any useful way. Feels flat.

3 – Proverbs and Songs?
Would be nice to have little animations of all the king’s horses and all the king’s men and similar but that will be impossible. No time. Unless I did that with really simple kid like stick men. Which could be fun. But would still be a big time sink.
Haven’t done one for this yet. but saying that, i like it as it is with the picture in the background. It’s of a person and they’re sitting at a table after dinner. I think that shows somehow, and works with the question. Almost makes me think I want to get rid of the flash bits. I’ll talk about this separately though, as I’ve done a flash free version of this questionnaire.

4 – Context needed to make sense?
Initially all in big fullish screen serif font. Then zooms out to reveal is part of a sentence. Sentence changes every couple of seconds or maybe less.
Quite like this one but it’s actually full of proverbs and sayings. Maybe should go on question three and I should think of something else to go here. I haven’t done the zoomy bit. One to continue experimenting with, I think.

5 – What would you take with you?
List of things taken with you. Possibly drawn or photographed. Similar list of things left behind. Perhaps placed in columns.
I quite like the list but need to look at the presentation. Does it work in its current two column list format?


6 – immediate impressions?
Legion of small things? Could be similar in effect to Bob Milner’s cups.
Tried photographs instead. It’s a bit boring isn’t it? Maybe should be quicker. Will try legion of things idea too. ended up doing legion of people thing.

7 – Wholeness, completeness or both?
Hand drawn circles all made up of many shapes that are not circles. Perhaps a grid of them or shown in sequence. Perhaps spinning round.
I like the more abstract ones; the ones that aren’t overloaded with information and obvious ideas. So I quite like this. I think a circle represents wholeness and completeness. I’ve looked at putting circles inside circles and having circles made of circles. Wholeness and completeness which is made of smaller wholeness and completeness. Almost a contradiction. For this version, most of these circles are made of straight lines and squares or from really imperfect circles. the idea being that wholeness can be made form different elements. I’ll note that this is a step, not a finished thing. could be an ma in its own right probably, if i was doing a drawing ma.

8 – Change in perception?
ealle, which is the fifth century version of all, in some dialects at least. Animated to change from medieval calligraphy font to times new roman to helvetica. The two letter es at the beginning and end fade out
I tried to do the tweening for the fonts but couldn’t get them working as well as I would have liked. The changing of the parchment into paper into a screen says all the same things but doesn’t have such blatantly large clunking sounds in the background. it suggests something of the changes in modes of communication and is a nice base for thinking about the question, i think. i might make the screen one pixelated with a flashing cursor.

Concept outside of language

9 – Opposite of All?
Better version of butter animation as a way of thinking of different concepts of what all is.
I’ve already done this here. Will have a go at shaving it down. Though perhaps it should stay loose. The looser it is the more abstract it is. I do quite like that it takes in measurement and also refers obliquely to the disparity of applications of all. We can say all of the butter about each of those images but on each occasion it’s talking about a different quantity. ps 02/12/08 – Okay, I’ve done an actual animation for this but have put it on the next question. I like it though. I think it works better than the butter animation, at least for now. I’m still wondering about the benefits of butter’s physical properties. It’s spreadable, and meltable, and choppable. In all of those states it is still all of the butter. That’s really interesting, I think. There’s a good sense of that in the line version. The line one is clean, too. That’s always nice.

10 – Centre?
Different versions of all’s centre. Dot in a circle. Circle in the middle of lots of circles. Continually zooming out. Needs some kind of acknowledgment of the grammatical wrongness of the question.
tried doing this but got dangerously close to making a version of the mandelbrot set. the world does not need another mandelbrot set. one is enough. For the sake of pondering I have put the animation for the last question, the opposite of all here. This is in part because I like the dark brown pic for the opposite of all. Looks a bit like Ginnungagap, the wide open space at the beginning of time in Norse mythology.

11 – Feelings about what is beyond the universe?
Universe diagrams? Would be nice to incorporate a sense of movement in here though.
Ended up doing ‘Something. Nothing’ boxes. I quite like them. Again, they’re a bit abstract and not too obviously linked to the question but do support the thinking behind it. Pretty much the point of it being there, really. The reason it supports the thinking is linked to an earlier blog post about the big bang and the crazy nothingness that (presumably) came before it. The big bang means the universe expanded in to nothing, and still is expanding into nothing? No-one really seems to know, perhaps unsurprisingly.

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