Unit 2 – Final Report 1 – The Prototype

I’ve done three versions. One main one and two using less of the same ingredients.

1 – questionnaire with both flash and backing pixel picture.
This is the key one. I’ve talked about the flash bits in my previous posts. I talk about the backing pixel pictures below. They were originally made to go behind the flash relatively unobtrusively. I’m now wondering if they’re not just better than the flash bits.

2 – questionnaire with pixel picture but no flash.

The big pixel pictures are there because I wanted to have some colour and I really liked the big pixel images I got from doing the zoom in flash things (audience, sea and birds and hill) earlier on.
I like the fact that pixels are single elements that add up to making whole pictures. This is an important underlying thought that I’ll be teasing out and playing with. All is made of individual parts. I’m thinking of having each ‘pixel’ square as a rollover that launches something in a lightbox style popup. There are a lot of places I can take this. Some of those might have to be explored after this ma.
Another thing i like with the pixel thing is that it’s all in a grid. I think a grid is useful in the context of all. It’s referent to systems of classification and measurement. It makes things look organised too. That means you can kick on from there and have branches and come back to the grid. Somehow grids just work for me. I tried this one because the couple I don’t have flash bits for seemed to work really well. It’s almost as if the whole thing works better with less information and competing thoughts. But the colours do give it a bit of a push. In some cases they work better than others, but they were done to go behind the flash bits and weren’t originally intended to be seen in full. The reason this version is here is purely that the ones without flash seemed to be working nicely and I thought I’d give the idea a bit more of a proper look. It’s becoming more of a going concern though.

3 – questionnaire with flash but no pixel picture.
With this one I wanted to see what it would look like as a more minimal design. I’m not that keen on it. It just doesn’t do that much for me. Glad I had a look though.

My main concern is really that I haven’t had time to do the MySQL. I can have the form sending to an email address for the time being. At least that way I’ll have any new answers on file. I spent ages scratching my head over the php. I’m glad about this because now I understand a few basic things about php, which is a huge step forward for my web design generally. This term has been about essays and php though. I’ve not done much else. This has been excellent for my development. So, at the moment it’s a working front end prototype but people can’t check other people’s answers, which is very much part of the long term aim of the whole thing. I definitely want to get this figured out for the house gallery feedback show, though. My original idea for the house gallery show was for us part time second years to road test our prototypes. It’s kind of spiraled beyond that, which is good. But this show is another issue and I think I’ll blog it more later on, when the show is on. Anyway, I’ll be unhappy if I can’t road test the database.

Another thing to do before the show is to write an introduction telling people what the questionnaire is and explain a little of what will happen to the answers at the end. and make it clear it’s all going to be under creative commons. I’ve done this on the printed questionnaire.

ps – My friend Chris just wrote me a script which I’m in the process of implementing. That will send all answers to text files. I’ll then be able to put those online fairly quickly. I need to debug it abit first though. So front end is till there but this extra back end bit is on the way. Thanks Chris!

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