I am going to put my questionnaire on a new website

I was going to put my questionnaire on its own site. I was going to call it www.all-questionnaire.com. I’ve decided I don’t want to do this. Instead I have bought the domain http://www.humjam.com, which will be a website with a much broader purpose and will feature work by artists other than me. For it to get an audience it needs to be on a site that has some status as a destination in a more general sense. I think the way to achieve this is to create a website that will host more and more art in the future, by many different artists. This way the site will steadily generate more and more incoming links, become more and more searchable with time and will hopefully be a valuable resource.

I’m calling it humjam because the name fell into my head and it stuck. I thought of all sorts of others but they were all taken or just weren’t as good. Humjam is short, semi-alliterative and whenever I’ve told people the name they’ve all read different meanings in it. One friend said it was similar to the Farsi word for ‘Everything comes here’, though he did say his Farsi isn’t that great so I do need to check it with someone who speaks fluent Farsi.

I want humjam to look at things beside art. I want it to be about the internet generally. One thing that’s really interesting at the moment is the way the internet is still seen as a place that offers people second hand versions of things that already exist in the real world, meatspace. There isn’t that much out there that’s built specifically for the internet, and what is there doesn’t excite me that much. I think this is going to change. More and more art will appear on the internet as people become more accustomed to it. I also think the internet is a significant part of the way the art scene is changing and will change more. The boundaries of what can and can’t comfortably or commonly be defined as art are changing yet again. This is due in no small part to websites like youtube and vimeo which can be used to display any user generated content, from experiments by emerging artists or film makers to the ramblings of conspiracy theorists. they’re all displayed in the same context on youtube. A fresh context is established in the internal rules of the film, presuming it’s on youtube. This in turn necessitates a fresh approach to watching. I think this phenomenon is one strand of what is being described as remixability.

I don’t want the site to be dedicated to NetArt. I want humjam to look at the way the internet is developing now. I feel that NetArt is a facet of the art scene of seven or eight years ago. It feels dated to me and the phrase carries set connotations.

People still don’t fully comprehend what the internet is. This is due in no small part to the incredible rate of change on the internet. Will this rate of change ever settle down, or will we just have to get used to this constant evolution?

One of the interesting things about the internet is the fact that things work better when you work together. The internet is a network of links. The whole idea is the linking of hypertext. Before that, HTML had been around for ages. The internet took off when it became possible to hyperlink, when the thoughts and projects of people in disparate places could connect. It doesn’t seem to make sense to put the questionnaire on a site that’s isolated in any way.

This idea would be very consistent with the way my thoughts have been progressing in this project. It will also provide me with a context to develop my artistic career after the course. This will be a very satisfying outcome of the MA on several levels.

For the sake of clarity I will list in no special order the benefits I believe this website will offer.

  1. Generating visibility for my work
  2. Generating visibility for others’ work creating differential effect that will help everyone who shows anything on the site
  3. Playground – Explore the potential of the internet
  4. Networking
  5. Create collaborative projects, some of which will be between existing friends or contacts, some will be open to anyone who comes to the website
  6. Develop theoretical ideas in writing section
  7. Possibly on a relatively minor level further the ban internet explorer 6 campaign by deliberately making things that won’t display on ie6. Mwa haha.

PS – I’ll stick a picture pn here when I get the chance. Honest.

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