MA symposium

People said this was too fast so I’ve slowed it down a bit. I’m still not that happy with it. It describes a few things about the way I’ve approached the project though. The text is copied and pasted below as well.

  1. MA Digital Arts Symposium 2009 Daniel Fone


    Why and a little bit of how my project is about lots of things

  2. I wanted to make a history of the word ‘all’
  3. I spent a long time trying to isolate one thing in my project that fascinated me to the exclusion of all of the other parts. I couldn’t do it.
  4. If I took one part out, it lost some of its interest for me. It became unbalanced. As much as possible, I want to look at all in its entirety, wihout breaking any part off. Is that possible?
  5. I’m looking at the word’s journey from general concept outside of language through to its use in our daily speech. There’s a lot that goes on inside people’s heads in between.
  6. What is that?
  7. Partially because of the breadth of my subject, I felt there was a danger of making declarative statements in this project, of my simply communicating some interesting facts I had learned about language or etymology.
    ie – “The word all finds its roots in Old Frisian, coming to these islands in the second half of the fifth century…”
    This was never my aim.
  8. The underlying things in which I’m interested are more concerned with what and how people think than what I as an artist have to say.
    My job is to propose a line of thought, not draw one.
  9. With this in mind, it seems to make sense to gather a collection of people’s thoughts and present those, instead of my own.
  10. Web 2.0 developments have demonstrated the power of the aggregated thoughts of a number of people.
    My problem is how to gather these thoughts.
  11. From the following, please select a practical, direct method of gathering and recording other people’s thoughts?   (please tick one)
    a) Polite conversation
    b) Questionnaire
    c) Astral Projection
  12. I may have illustrated the down side of the questionnaire more than the benefit there, but I’m sure you get the point.
    Clearly, a questionnaire is not the only method available, but it’s a pretty good one.
  13. A questionnaire performs a double function.
    a) It offers me the chance to get my viewer to the heart of my project very quickly. The process of answering the questions will then help people to actualise their thoughts.
    b) It means I can gather and present an aggregate of people’s answers. This will hopefully result in a database of responses that will take on a life of its own.
  14. This way, that line of thought can draw itself. It will be a much more interesting line.
    There. Finished.
    And I haven’t used any crappy jokes about ‘fitting it all in’ or anything like that. Good.

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