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I think I want my questionnaire to appear on humjam in a modal window. This is a window that floats over the top of the main page of a website. My reason for wanting this is that I’m inclined to think the questionnaire should have its own space on the website. With a modal window the rest of the site is displayed behind a semi transparent background over which the modal window content hovers. This is great because the modal window contents are the only thing the user can see, ie – the questionnaire and not the humjam logo and links. At the same time, it’s easy to get back to the main site.

The difficulty with this is that of the many modal windows available I can’t find a modal window script that allows me to link from one modal window to another, or to remain in the same modal window and change the content inside it. This means I can’t use it to move from one question to another. Or at least I don’t know of a way of doing that.

This has implications for humjam as a whole. I want to have the option of giving any project shown on humjam complete on screen focus. This is a big consideration, I think. Art is always shown in a context, usually a gallery. This context has a bearing on the way the work is seen. It would be reasonable to keep the humjam navigation strip there on every page as this wouldn’t be so different to being in a gallery where there is a sense of that gallery’s identity on the labelling or show documentation. I want to be careful with that, though.

There are some slider scripts you can use to drag a navigation bar in and out of sight. I’ll dig one up later and see if I can implement it. If I could get one of those working it would be hugely helpful. This would mean I could give the main contents complete focus while keeping the navigation accessible. The difficulty with that is that it introduces another click for the sake of navigation. I’m not sure I like that. It also changes the dynamic of the design quite a lot.

This is an interesting question on a more general level. If humjam is to become an online gallery of sorts, what kind of context does that imply? Is that part of the art establishment set to change? This is something I’ll have to continue addressing with this site.

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