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Beginning of the Book Project

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

So I’m starting this project where a friend and I make a book. We nicked the idea from but we figure we can go a few different places with it and have some fun.

In short, one of us does something on a page and then posts it to the other. Over time the pages make a book. I want different relationships between different pages and little reference points developing. But part of what should be cool is seeing what Annie (my friend and partner in crime) wants.

We’ll most likely be dragging other people in along the way.

I have decided not to use a proper sketchbook and am using any old paper I have lying around. Recycling and all that, you know. This means we can post each other single pages if necessary and not have to post the whole thing. This is important because we live thousands of miles apart and postage is, well, expensive.

So, over to you, Annie. Let’s see what happens.

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