Chris and Kaori on the beach

For the next set I did after the one of Tola, I figured I’d like to do my friends Chris and Kaori as a couple. They’ve both got a good sense of toilet humour so we all agreed it make sense to cover them in fake poo. I found the fake poo mix here:

It’s from the British arcaeological college and is presumably part of some scheme to get children interested in archaeology and its process by looking at diffeent poos throughout history. You can make Aztec poo, Tudor poo, Viking poo and Victorian poo. Chris and Kaori are modelling Aztec poo, which was easiest to make because it didn’t feature fish bones.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures.

I like these photographs because they look like they’re from a fashion shoot. We took them at sunset on that ludicrously hot Saturday at the beginning of October. Because of this, the light is really good. It gives the pictures a small extra dimension somehow. Libby pointed out that because Chris and Kaori are both quite beautiful people, in the fashion shoot sense the feeling that these photographs are part of that aesthetic is somewhat inevitable. This hadn’t occurred to me at the time of shooting. In fact I don’t think of them as being especially good looking. They’re mates. But when she mentioned it I did have one of those ‘Oh yeah’ moments.

This means that the pictures have a strong reference point. It simplifies them somehow, and gives them a focus that the paint ones of Tola don’t have so much.

In a way I do wish I’d covered them in more fake poo. I wish I’d been more assertive in my coverage. I should have had them covered like I had myself covered in mud. There would have been the danger of getting the poo in their eyes though. That would have been bad. This is one of the difficulties of doing the goo portraits full stop. It’s difficult to just splatter stuff on to other people for fear of doing them a mischief.

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