I’ve been trying to implement two things for my questionnaire. One is a tag cloud which comes back after the user has filled in their answer. This will give them two entry points in to all of these words.

Now I come to write this I’m considering the value of having the tag cloud at all. Is it any more than a trick? Will it help people to reflect on the questionnaire. I’m actually inclined to think that the best things here will be the simplest. People will want to read other people’s answers. They’ll definitely want to do that. Who wouldn’t?

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I am learning PHP and my head feels even more like an unhappy badger than usual.

I have been attempting to learn PHP. I could probably substitute the word ‘attempting’ with ‘failing’ and not compromise the truth of that sentence. Here is a paste from an email I sent to a friend who knows PHP well. For me, it sums up some of the frustration of trying to learn something new in programming.

the problem i invariably have with using other poeple’s html or script or whatever is that i don’t really understand it.
i just tried to have a look at html quickform 2 downloaded from pear. i can’t get it to work and now i’m a bit pissed off.
but that’s mainly because i don’t know php. if i knew php i’d be able to diagnose the problem. but the only way to really get a grasp of these things is to use them.
so in that regard i’m better off saying forget html quickform. i’ll use it in a few months when i actually know what’s in it.
by which point it may well be effectively meaningless anyway. in fact it probably will.

i’m also a bit annoyed because there’s no clear demo or read me in there. i’ve no idea what it’s even supposed to look like.

Ach well. I’m sure I’ll get there in the end.

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